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Push-It for Labor

Push-It for Labor

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Aromatherapy for Labor Made Easy. 

Custom blended by Holistic Health Helpers LLC.

Kit Includes: Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Frankincense, Red Mandarin, Jasmin and Jojoba Wax.

Lavender: Pain, headache, earache, anxiety, depression, insomnia, skin healing

Roman Chamomile: Aches and pains, calming, stomach pain, muscle spasms

Frankincense: Decongestant, calming, meditation/prayer, coughs, colds. Avoid if having any issues including becoming delusional- can make it worse.

Red Mandarin: Nausea, depression, insomnia, constipation

Jasmine: This oil is only to be used in full term labor. Pain relief, enhance contractions, depression. 

Jojoba Wax: Half ounce of straight jojoba wax. Use for massage during labor.



*Instructions Included*